St. Clement School: Tuition and Scholarships

Steps to apply for EdChoice:

1) Create a parent portal

2) Verify your household income on the parent portal

3) Fill out the scholarship form and submit to the main office

4) Turn in a document accepted by the State of Ohio for proof of residency to the main office


Tuition for St. Clement School is set every year after deliberations and recommendations made by the Finance Committee of St. Clement Parish, with final approval by the Pastor of St. Clement Parish. St. Clement School is a provider of the EdChoice Scholarship. All Ohio students are eligible for this scholarship; regardless of income level or school district of residence. All previously awarded EdChoice Scholarships must be submitted for renewal 30 days prior to the last day of the school year. Families who fail to renew the EdChoice Scholarships may be asked to leave St. Clement School. New EdChoice applications must be submitted prior to the first day of school. Failure to submit this application may result in the disenrollment of the student or additional tuition fees. If income verification is required, it also must be submitted either 30 days prior to the renewal or prior to the first day of school for new applicants.

Tuition assistance is available to families in need. Applications for financial aid are available in the main office.

Tuition is due on the 20th of each month beginning in August and ending in May. There is a 5% discount given if payment of tuition is made in full by the first Friday of September. Monthly statements are mailed via U.S. mail. Alternative payment schedules and arrangements are available through a written agreement with the principal.

Each family will receive a monthly tuition/fee statement. Families who miss two consecutive monthly payments will be contacted to submit a written payment plan. Tuition payments can be made online by clicking the button below.