Hello parents,

Our contract with Beyond the Classroom is growing!  St. Clement would like to introduce to you a new face and staff member at our school. Madison Sowders will be our school’s therapeutic service provider through Beech Acres Parenting Center. Madi will be working with our school therapist, Eva Sandmann, to continue to provide mental health services to our students.

As a TSP, Madi will assist with treatment goals and planning with family in accordance with their mental health diagnosis, offer 1:1 individual skill building, counseling, and implementation of coping skills and behavioral modifications and planning with clients, identify treatment goals and work with the clients to obtain these goals, partner with teachers to provide in classroom support, incorporating and modeling skills in real time in the classroom setting that are appropriate, implement social emotional learning and skill building, and provided crisis support for any student that is emotional distress or at risk for harm to self or others. 

In addition to these services, she will also be able to identify students’ strengths and monitors needs, Provide Service Coordination with school and community systems, assist in accessing support resources, provide goal-directed individual and family supports, provide solution focused emotional and behavior management techniques, and helps student develop resiliency skills including social, interpersonal, anger management, coping and independent daily functioning.

If you believe your child can benefit from any of these services listed, or would like to receive individual counseling, please do not hesitate to call/text/ or email, Eva Sandmann at esandmann@stclement.org 513-401-5425.